2017 Solomon Awards

Design & Construction

Solomon Awards Second Baptist Church - Cypress Campus

For one of the largest churches in the nation, Second concentrated on growing services for the smallest members of its congregation. The new youth and children’s spaces reflect this mission by placing a focus on children, creating fun themed age-appropriate areas, and ensuring children’s security for parents’ peace of mind.

WFM Staff  ·  September 26, 2017

For one of the largest churches in the nation, Second Baptist wanted to focus on growing services for the smallest members of its congregation. “Second Loves Kids” is the church’s motto, so the design of the youth and children’s education space needed to reflect that mission.

Children’s & Youth Spaces Overview

The campus features a 25,000 square foot nursery, a “GIGL” (“Growing in God’s Love”) Theater for pre-K, a worship space for children from 1st through 5th grade dubbed “Jump,” specialized space for junior and high school students, a playground area, significant state-of-the-art technology and media space and a modern café area. 

Focusing on Children from the Beginning

From the beginning, the design of the church centered on the education space. The goal of the first floor was to provide an exciting and engaging environment for infants through Pre-K. Each educational space aligns with Second Baptist’s mission to focus and grow their children/youth ministry, so the entire education building was focused around children. The adult bible study classes take place in a different section of the campus. 

Themed for Fun

Each floor was themed in a way to attract and engage the students. The hallway is lined with green “trees” that engage children and add excitement to the space. For the older children, a fun modern color palette and clean lines helps the space attract more teenagers who want to spend time in the café, lounge or game room. 

Placing a Priority on Security

Security was designed in a way to allow parents peace of mind when dropping off their children for church-related activities. With each floor designed to allow children the ability to remain on their floor for Sunday School and Worship, there is no need for them to leave the area, so they remain secure on one floor.


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