Rivers Church Chooses Dynamic Lighting for Life by Design

Rivers Church's installation of flexible lighting rig making a real difference in worship and events.

WFM Staff  ·  February 29, 2016

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Lighting plays a major role in creating the right atmosphere for the worship services. They had rented Pointes for specific occasions in the previous venue, so knew first-hand how flexible they were and what could be achieved.

Rivers Church hosts multiple services each week and various conferences throughout the year that cater for our diverse congregation. The lighting allows us to have the flexibility to create a unique atmosphere dependent on the meeting type.

Every service is also recorded for broadcast on Etv, FBN, Flow TV & Ghana Live TV – reaching many viewers across Africa & Europe – so this was also a big consideration from the outset.

The Robes are rigged on five over-stage trusses, the curved side trusses, on four upright truss sections upstage and on the floor, all controlled via a grandMA2 light console, and the system is designed to be up or down scaled as required.

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By Terker on February 23, 2018

Rivers church in this time showing us the best style of working. Because many time they are trying to do their best which means that they are showing the best work on which is good for us. And also for the workers of the guys who are here for the help of the others.