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Prestonwood Baptist Church Launches Church Facility and Operations Management Program

Unique program trains, develops, ministers and launches those called to serve

WFM Staff  ·  June 16, 2014

Ben Lovvorn, Director of Administration and Operations at Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano Texas spoke to Worship Facilities about a new program to train and develop church facility and operations managers. “The idea behind the program is to recruit and develop people who may not be called to a pastoral role or a discipleship ministry, but are called to be part of ministry in some capacity”, says Lovvorn.

“If they are interested in the area of church operations, which we consider to be a part of ministry, this program will provide an opportunity to learn all aspects of church operations.” Lovvorn explained that this program is part of what is referred to as occupational discipleship and includes recruiting and equipping those who are called to serve in our ministry. 

The program could appeal to a wide variety of people who feel called to ministry, but perhaps not as a pastor or student minister. A goal for the program is to educate people on “other” opportunities available in ministry and and equip them through a full range of experiences and launch them either at Prestonwood or to other churches.

“This program the absolutely open to people outside Prestonwood. In fact, our dream here is that Prestonwood becomes a place that you can learn about church operations and really grow.  My hope is that if there’s a person in Boston or Los Angeles, and they think they’re called to serve in their local church, that their pastor says ‘you have to go to Prestonwood to learn how to do it!’”

To learn more about Prestonwood’s church facility management program, contact Ben Lovvorn at bLovvorn@prestonwood.org



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