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Preston Trail Community Church

Preston Trail Community Church is a thriving, multi-pastor, young family church in Frisco, Texas, and was meeting in a retrofitted warehouse space.

WFM Staff  ·  October 1, 2016

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Preston Trail Community Church is a thriving, multi-pastor, young family church in Frisco, Texas, and was meeting in a retrofitted warehouse space. The design team at HH Architects was able to work with the church, exploring various master plans, while working with the city to allow for a seamless integration of the church’s property with the natural setting along the creek walkways nearby. 

The Master Plan allows for additional growth for a 3,000 seat venue, with the Phase One worship becoming a multi-purpose dining and conference center.  Phase One includes a 1,500 raked-seat design which is also used for dining in the lower area.  In addition, a two-story education space with two dedicated children’s worship spaces is provided.  Lastly, this phase includes a 9,000 square foot youth addition, including a youth hangout space, offices, and worship for 300.

New Campus Construction (Preston Trail Community Church)

Frisco, Texas
Project Size: 801-2000 seats
Completion Date: January 15, 2015

Preston Trail’s community grew up within the “warehouse” feel, and even requested a similar culture in their new facility with a light, bright interior space and engaging exterior.  Their desire was to not necessarily look like a church, but to communicate a sense of community and excitement.  The orientation of the building and covered drop off with aluminum fins was designed to be at a slight angle to provide a sense of anticipation when arriving. The exterior materials are warm and inviting to the touch, while the large cantilevered shade structure creates drama. 

Particular attention was given by the design team to the alignment of the interior lobby “main street” with an existing grove of trees at the rear, allowing for a connection between outdoor and indoor space.

The community space within the lobby is designed to be hospitable for young families throughout the week with a café and play area.  Bold colors and materials were used at the entrances to the children’s area to attract the eye and provide anticipation and grandeur to the entrances.  HH Architects also worked with the church to select, order and install all the soft furnishings to allow for a cohesive and consistent design throughout the areas.

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