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Free Chapel in Gainesville, GA opens its first mulitsite location with stunning technical results - brought together by a collaborative effort between architect, contractor, AVL Designer and the church itself.

Keith Loria  ·  August 20, 2015

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When Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia acquired a new campus facility in Gwinnett County out of bankruptcy, its goal was to renovate the facility with a first-class, cutting-edge upgrade.
Its vision was realized — in no small part — by a collaborative effort between architect, contractor, AVL designer, integrator and the church itself. Today, the campus utilizes the latest technology to preach the Gospel. From sound, to lights and visual clarity of the screen technology, Free Chapel Gwinnett offers an amazing experience no matter your location in the sanctuary.

Brian C. Smith, Free Chapel’s chief of strategic opportunities, serves Pastor Franklin and the church, handling the day-to-day media needs at the campuses as well as the international
broadcast ministry, Kingdom Connection. For his part in the project, he worked with Free Chapel’s technical director, service director and executive team to formulate a plan that would fulfill Pastor Franklin’s vision for multisite transmission while taking the broadcast ministry to high definition.

“When Pastor Franklin shared his vision to utilize technology through multi-site, we knew we would need to get advice from those already working in this arena as well as those in broadcasting who had specific knowledge of the technology,” Smith says. “We utilized consultant Jim Tomberlin to help craft the beginnings of our multisite footprint based on his early work with ministries like Willow Creek.”

Once they understood what would be required, the team moved into the technology sector and reached out to ministries in Atlanta and other cities who were multi-siting successfully.

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