Northeast Church Becomes Pillar of Consistent Sound

No ordinary church. LCBC Columbia-Montour is a satellite campus with heart-thumping low-end audio that drives the live band’s music.

WFM Staff  ·  December 1, 2017

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On a crisp autumn morning in Bloomsburg, it’s a day of worship at Columbia-Montour LCBC church as friends and new arrivals gather for what they wish to be, a life changing experience.

But this is no ordinary church. LCBC Columbia-Montour is a satellite campus, a sister church if you will, one of many in Pennsylvania that are part of a growing congregation born from the original LCBC in Manheim, Pennsylvania. People enter the impressive and welcoming lobby of the church, gathering with anticipation and shared knowledge that something exciting is about to happen.

Seats are taken in the sanctuary, lights are lowered, and music begins. A live band is on stage, teasing forth deep bass notes with a kick drum beat designed to move a crowd. Electric guitar and keyboard interplay build around the beat, creating a sound that is the pillar of the LCBC brand and the reason why so many come to LCBC.

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By musicmarie on February 7, 2018

Love the sound system here.  Too bad i missed this show.


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