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Insiders Guide to Children’s Play Structures

What would it take to add a play structure to your children's ministry space? Ever wonder whether you have enough room? And, what about budget?

Cathy Hutchison  ·  June 16, 2016

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Think about how you can utilize the space and features to bring in additional funds…from renting out for birthday parties, coffee café sales, and more. Even these small amounts can add up to help fund the play feature.

Play structures can be a big win in offering something different for children from what they get at school or home. It can also be a gift to teachers, caregivers, and parents in providing engagement and a chance for kids to burn off energy.

We asked the experts to share what churches should consider when they are thinking about the installation of a new play structure.

“The first priority is how are you going to design and provide an attraction that fits your ministry needs. What type of use will it have? Will it mainly be for weekend or weekday? Will a preschool or licensed daycare be using it as well? Do you want to provide an attraction that will be an attraction every day of the week and outreach tool for your community? Or are you designing just for weekend ministry use?” offers Reagan Hillier, CEO of Worlds of Wow in Denton, Texas
“Defining the reason a church wants a playground helps us get the right product in a space,” explains Brian Sonney, business development executive at Soft Play in Huntersville, NC. “For some, it is outreach; for others, it’s mom’s day out. Sometimes it is near a café area. We can provide custom designs for anything, but to be effective, it has to meet defined needs.”

“What are the age levels your church needs to accommodate? Some structures need to accommodate a wide range of ages and others can be more age-specific.

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