Church Digital Signage Solved

Photo Credit: GFF Architects; Dallas, TX
Chase Oaks Church, Sloan Creek Campus in Fairview, Texas.

Strategic placements of digital signage is becoming a fixed means of relaying events, announcements and other important ministry information in today's church facility.

Jim Kumorek  ·  June 5, 2017

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COMMUNICATING to the congregation is a constant challenge for church leadership.

Bulletins often don’t get looked at; announcements during the service are easily forgotten; emails get buried in the pile of spam email that we all receive. And just where IS that bible study meeting in the church tonight?

Paper Trail “We used to simply use paper signs around the campus to direct people to the rooms events were taking place in,” comments Dave Cooke, chief engineer at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. “It was a lot of work. When we did our new auditorium build back around 2004, we decided to move to a digital signage system.”

What is digital signage?

Simply put, it is using video displays placed strategically in your church facility to communicate information visually that the congregation would want to know.

This may include room assignments for events happening in the immediate future, to promoting upcoming events, to communicating long-term strategic goals.

Digital Signage Early Days

It wasn’t that long ago that implementing digital signage inexpensively meant running a PowerPoint slide show on a PC monitor. Digital signage software solutions were very expensive, and only the larger mega-churches could afford them.

While PowerPoint certainly worked, it isn’t designed for digital signage and lacks the features that a digital signage system provides. “Our biggest concern initially was eliminating the paper room assignment work,” states Cooke. “As our campus is very large with many rooms available, we use the EMS facility management software to handle room assignments.

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