7 Keys To Recruiting Successful Volunteers

One church shares it's values that helped them developed a remarkable team of volunteers

Phil Cooke  ·  March 14, 2017

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I am blessed to be a part of a church with simple and clear vision. I base everything that we do as a team on that and I am consistently speaking that vision to the team. For example, before rehearsals I take about 10 minutes and speak with the team on one aspect of our church’s vision out of scripture and how that applies to us as a live production team.

By doing so I honor the leadership over me and keep the eyes, or vision, of the team on the goal and purpose of the church. I find that it often helps keep me motivated and full of passion! I, as a leader, need that vision too and we all need to hear it repeated. It keeps life and excitement in the team to know that they are valuable and that what we are all doing is valuable.

5) What about churches who are convinced that its just too hard to recruit volunteers?

It is hard to recruit! In many ways it’s a never ending task. There is plenty of rejection from people who don’t want to be a part of the team but even with all the negative you’re facing, building a team can still be done! Recruiting and leading a team starts with you staying positive. If God has given you this responsibility then He has made you capable of doing it. So do it with confidence. Keep recruiting a priority, bring people into a vision filled culture that adds life trusting God to provide for your needs as you serve the needs of others. It can be a bumpy and messy process but it is absolutely doable!

6) Particularly when it comes to media – videotaping the services, live streaming, or TV broadcasts, are volunteers capable of high quality work?

Volunteers are absolutely capable of high quality work. I love bringing people onto the team from any age or background and showing them how to do something they never thought they would ever be able to do. You won’t get experts overnight but with patience and good training you can build a team of volunteers that can operate at a professional level.

7) Last word: If you’d leave us with one thought about recruiting, motivating, and leading volunteers, what would it be?

Be a student of leadership. There is always more to learn. Find books, conferences, videos anything that you can to help develop your leadership. It will benefit you and those around you.

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