Unparalleled Mixing Power at 30,000-Seat Worship Dome

CSA Indonesia completed an upgrade for an Indonesian megachurch’s FOH, along with the monitor systems, featuring Studer by HARMAN Vista X mixing consoles.

WFM Staff  ·  November 23, 2017

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With the demands of modern worship services increasing every year, CSA Indonesia wanted to provide Graha Bethany Nginden with versatile front-of-house and monitor systems that could handle a range of requirements—now and into the future. CSA Indonesia selected Studer Vista X Series broadcast-quality mixing consoles for their flexible routing capabilities and unmatched CPU-based processing power. The Studer Vista X Series mixing consoles installed at Graha Bethany Nginden offer an incredibly intuitive user interface and unprecedented routing capabilities, providing 800 DSP-enabled audio channels with more than 5000 inputs and outputs of superb sound quality.

“We required mixing consoles that would give us the flexibility needed for future upgrades to the system, as well as world-class sound quality and a high number of channels,” said Canessa Christian Lawanto, Director of Music, Graha Bethany Nginden. “The Studer Vista X mixing consoles are easy to operate, user friendly and fully customizable. It’s simply the best option for our church.”

With an audience of 30,000, there’s no room for equipment-based failure during church services at Graha Bethany Nginden. The Studer Vista X Series’ Quad-Star technology uses four independent processors to create aviation-standard levels of redundancy, ensuring that Graha Bethany Nginden’s 50,000 weekly attendees experience a flawless production at every service.

Intuitive controls are essential to the smooth operation of any audio system—especially one with the size and sophistication of Graha Bethany Nginden’s system. Studer Vista X consoles are equipped with Studer’s revolutionary Vistonics interface, advanced metering and VistaMix automated multi-microphone mixing.

The Studer Vista X front-of-house and monitor consoles are linked via Dante, and synchronized using a Studer D21 MasterSync word clock generator. Both consoles are fed by a single Studer Compact Stagebox, with additional inputs and outputs provided by a Studer D23m digital I/O module. 
“At HARMAN Professional Solutions, we take pride in providing best-in-class solutions and customer service,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We are thrilled to see our solutions elevate the experience of worshippers at Graha Bethany Nginden, and we thank our partner CSA Indonesia for their customer-focused approach and commitment to building relationships.”

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