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5 Models of Sustainable Ministry For Church

Excerpt from 10 Tsunamis Impacting Ministries, a book which identifies significant areas impacting Christian ministries in the coming years, and identifies very practical responses for churches to overcome these shifts.

Dan Cook  ·  October 6, 2016

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What would happen to our ministries

if we cut out the mortgages, reduce the overhead expenses of our buildings by two thirds or more, and use our buildings seven days a week?

What would happen if we make a real estate investment which allows us to interact with lots of people, employ persons from within our ministries and gain sustainable income in the process? This is exactly what sustainable ministries will need to do in order to still be standing in the coming years.

Here are five different sustainable church ministry models which help to introduce and explain the sustainable concept.  These are examples, to serve as a catalyst for your unique ministry to begin thinking about how sustainable ministries could serve your church.


The Event Center model utilizes the space normally used by churches during those vacant days and nights of the week when churches are not present. Event Centers were selected because of the adaptability of using the same spaces as churches and the strong daily income potential (four times the income potential per square foot as office space in markets that have a demonstrated strong market for event centers).
Let’s examine two potential models of development for a new church building which we will call “traditional” and “sustainable.” Each of these ministries has a need for a five million dollar project including site, building, fees, furnishing, audio visual, etc.

SUSTAINABLE EVENT MODEL This model combines a ministry with private investors generally from the ministry into a limited liability company who will generally lease the asset from the ministry. The ministry retains ownership of the asset and would generally not pay property taxes.

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