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5 Models of Sustainable Ministry For Church

Excerpt from 10 Tsunamis Impacting Ministries, a book which identifies significant areas impacting Christian ministries in the coming years, and identifies very practical responses for churches to overcome these shifts.

Dan Cook  ·  October 6, 2016

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BGW is presently working with a ministry in Surprise, Arizona which plans to construct a six million dollar facility for their church which is paid for through the day care model of financial sustainability (the church is primarily putting up the land and consultant fees for the project). If the market is strong enough, this model is exceptional when done through private enterprise in a for-profit direction. My wife and I own a day care in Ogden, Utah which is managed by our national day care provider. This day care houses two churches in addition to over 120 kids per day hearing about God.

The churches have never paid rent in this facility because of the operation of the day care facility. We also lease the commercial kitchen out to a catering company who pays a percentage of their total income to the day care. The same catering company provides food service to the day care at rates not normally found in the industry. In addition, we are working with a group in Portland, Oregon that is doing a women’s and children’s shelter. They are purchasing an older motel which will be renovated and used for the shelter. The State of Oregon will be the responsible party for paying the operating expenses which will give the ministry significant cash to fully reach this group of people while paying all of the expenses of their ministry.

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There is a wide swath of cultural and economic “tsunamis” taking place in our country today and Christian ministries are in the “eye of the storm”.  Churches must be willing to change in order to impact generations to come for the Kingdom.  Based on the book, “10 Tsunamis Impacting Ministries”, written by BGW founder and architect Dan Cook, the “REAL Church” seminar will uncover the significant cultural and economic challenges facing ministries today and offer effective strategies for not only surviving but thriving in the storm ahead. 

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About the author:  Dan Cook is a visionary architect, developer, builder and the founder of the Building God’s Way (BGW) network of Kingdom Building Services.  He has led BGW through the design of more than 700 ministry-based facilities and has pioneered a number of innovative programs that have revolutionized the way churches and Christian schools are designed and built. These programs were all founded on Biblical principles of stewardship, relationship and outreach.  Dan’s strong commitment to Christ drives his passion for helping churches develop strategies to reach the next generation, adapt to cultural change and become financially sustainable.

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