Expert advice on Finding an AVL Consultant for your Church

Central Wesleyan Church; Holland, MI

How do you select an AVL consultant or integrator that’s right for your project? The experts weigh in to help you find a partner that's best for your particular ministry.

Rachel Dawn Hayes  ·  April 28, 2015

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We spent time with Jeremy Moyers, president of Moyers Group; Houston Clark, principal of Clark; Donnie Haulk, CEO of AE Global Media; Chris Rayburn, founder and CEO of Summit Integrated Systems; and Duke DeJong, director of sales and marketing for CCI Solutions.

All shared candid advice on how to find prospect firms, how to vet those firms, and what the church’s project leaders need to bring to the table for a successful partnership and outcome.

What advice can you offer churches for developing a list of potential consultants or integrators?

DeJong: I believe there are fewer than a dozen truly experienced house of worship integrators working in the U.S. Most people know who they are, so if you rely on word of mouth they’ll likely be referred.

Rayburn: Look nationwide, too. The market is small, and most integrators work nationwide. Don’t settle for an unqualified integrator because they’re close. Mobilization costs are a small percentage of the project total and there are major advantages in working with a more experienced integrator.

Clark: Definitely look to other churches. Find a church that has the program and AVL mix you like and then ask who they worked with.

Rayburn: Along those lines, find a church that has gone through the process in the last eighteen months. Ask about the challenges encountered and how the integrator responded to those challenges. Additionally, ask how much the project cost increased from the original contract through the end. If the integrator asked the right questions up front, changes are usually minimal.

Haulk: Also, if your church is in transition due to growth, look for a church that went through that and find out whom they worked with. You’re looking for “like” experience, real world experience. Then, ask the firm for success and failure stories. Truly experienced firms will have both.

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