Dynamic Lighting Matches High Octane Music

A youth-oriented church worship rally demonstrates Crossroads philosophy on reaching out with relevancy in message and delivery.

WFM Staff  ·  December 6, 2016

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Every year on the Sunday before Christmas, the CrossRoads Church gives away presents to 1,000 area children. These aren’t toy store still-on-the-shelf type gifts either, but rather items like Xboxes, iPads and other things that 21st century kids really want.

The event typifies the attitude of this dynamic and rapidly growing church: our message may be timeless, but it must be delivered in a way that is relevant to people today.

This philosophy was on full display late this fall at a worship rally held at its local high school stadium. Described by its pastor as a “rock concert,” the event featured a performance by the hard-driving Grammy-nominated Christian band Sonicflood, who has won multiple Dove Awards and sold over two-million albums. 

Supporting their high-octane musical performance was an intensely bright and fast-moving lightshow that featured STRIKE, Maverick and Rogue fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

“The church was committed to creating an arena-style rock concert environment that connected to young people at the rally,” said John Garberson of Creative Backstage, who served as the event’s lighting designer. “Sonicflood and the church’s own band delivered high energy music. We wanted the lightshow to match it with a lot of strobing, aerial effects and sweeping audience lighting.”

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By River Mays on April 19, 2018

I was part of the Dynamic Lighting Matches High Octane Music and I absolutely loved being there. I saw that the artists had an impressive Net worth and many people would be envious of it. I think I myself am included among them.