Debut of Battery-Powered, Wireless, Portable Line Array Systems at InfoComm 2017

Battery-Powered, Wireless, Portable Line Array System

Audio Anchor to host live demonstrations of Bigfoot and Beacon A/R systems at InfoComm 2017.

WFM Staff  ·  June 6, 2017

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Anchor Audio, Inc.’s newest arrival to the Anchor AIR product line – the Bigfoot and Beacon AIR – will debut at the 2017 InfoComm.

International trade show in Orlando, Florida June 14th to the 16th. The company first released AIR wireless companion speakers in their flagship Liberty Platinum product line in June 2016, and throughout the year added the battery-powered wireless connection technology into the MegaVox Pro, Go Getter, and lastly the Bigfoot Line Array and Beacon Line Array.

All systems with AIR technology have complete wireless connectivity between units.

The Bigfoot and Beacon AIR systems are not passive companion units, but rather, are main units with either an AIR transmitter or receiver built-in. The units can be used in tandem for larger coverage or separately as stand-alone units.

Product specialists will be on site at InfoComm International 2017, in the Anchor Audio booth (Central Hall #6061), hosting live demonstrations of the Bigfoot and Beacon AIR systems. Visitors will be able to test the units, operate the AIR wireless transmitter, and can even demo the units with their own music devices.

Alex Jacobs, president of Anchor Audio, says “When it comes to portable sound systems, we at Anchor Audio believe that seeing and hearing is believing. The opportunity to test our units in a live environment offers our customers so much more value than any advertisement or spec sheet. That is why we’re having around-the-clock demonstrations of our new AIR units in our InfoComm booth for customers to test for themselves.”

The Bigfoot and Beacon AIR systems are battery powered, operate 6 - 8 hours or more on a single charge, and can be placed 150 feet or more from one another.

A single transmitter can connect to an unlimited number of AIR receivers. AIR wireless technology operates within the 900 MHz frequency, which is one of the few clear frequency bands available and, therefore, limits interference from competing signals.

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