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Considerations for Church Flooring

What types of flooring are best for your church? Some tips and ideas to consider when choosing flooring for your church.

M Wagner  ·  April 5, 2018

When considering a church expansion or renovation, flooring is an important aspect that must be considered, as it plays a role in both practical uses, but also contributes to a church’s image on a larger scale. From popular modern options such as polished concrete, to more traditional wood or tile flooring, each type of flooring serves a distinct purpose and has associated costs and benefits.

A church will never have the same type of flooring throughout the entire building, as spaces such as the sanctuary will have far different needs from that of a children’s room or church entryways. With this practical side in mind, as well as the more obvious visual differences, lets look at some of the most important aspects to consider about flooring.

Durability is one of the most important factors of choosing flooring. High traffic areas will need a durable flooring to withstand the daily rigor of footsteps and whatever dirt or debris might be tracked onto the flooring by people. Flooring must be built to last in these areas, and must be easy to clean at a low time and money cost to the church, otherwise it will need to be replaced sooner than desired.

Does your church serve coffee Sunday morning? Questions like this should be factored in as poor choices or lack of church needs may be visually staining for years to come.

Floor volume is yet another factor to consider, as areas such as the sanctuary can’t afford to have loud, echoing footsteps being heard as churchgoers try to quietly enter church services without causing a distraction.

Flooring in children’s areas must be able to accommodate the messes associated with children, but also enable them to be able to play with toys or games comfortably.

And finally don’t get too caught up in the pros and cons of the physical properties of flooring options that you forget to look at the visual appeal. Flooring should look nice after all, and newcomers should notice the flooring for its aesthetic appeal or character, not for a coffee stain on the carpet leading into the sanctuary.


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By Sophie Lee on April 18, 2018

Recently, I have provided some knitted items to one of the Churches I work for. The church was renovated and they used brown marble for flooring. I love knitting and have a great collection of various knitted items. I provided few of them in the church and the items are looking very good there. I use to buy items online and avail some discount too using sew and so discount codes.  The church is a second home for everyone and this should be decorated same like our home.