Church Tech: 5 Foundational Team Building Strategies

Make no mistake, tech arts in church is a people business. And that is a good thing.

Van Metschke  ·  May 16, 2017

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Obviously, there are times when you will have an “all team” training night, but it is so important to let the team see each other as people, and not just as button pushers. The camaraderie this will bring is priceless. People watch the backs of those they care about. The strongest teams look out for each other.

5. Make them evangelists.

So many times tech teams feel isolated from what is going on in the church. You as a staff member or key leader may get updated on what great things your church is doing, but your team may never hear these things. Furthermore, most members of your team probably serve in other ministries and have news about the cool and amazing things that God is doing in those ministries churchwide.

By you sharing your insider knowledge (of the good news, not gossip), you will set an example and help them feel more connected to what your church is doing big picture. This will also energize them to share their stories as well.

The opportunities for training as atech director are endless. But don’t just stick to the gear.

God has put you in a unique position to not only make events awesome, but to make people awesome. Don’t pass that opportunity up.

I promise you will find it truly rewarding. Remember, we “get to do this.”

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