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Church Ministry Flourishes in an Entrepreneurial Events Center

The Genesis Project in Ogden, Utah, comprised of many first-generation Christians was challenged with raising funds. The marriage of their ministry with a profitable events center is paving the way for future growth.

Rachel Dawn Hayes  ·  October 20, 2016

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MINISTRY SHOULD NEVER be equated with treading water financially, but for many churches, including The Genesis Project in Ogden, Utah, that’s exactly what it has felt like at times.

“We were a low-resource, low-budget church of over 1,000 people in a rented facility that was stretching us financially,” says The Genesis Project’s senior pastor, Matt Roberts.

“There had to be a better way to meet our calling.” Planted ten years ago in an area swelling with ex-church goers, The Genesis Project’s vision to preach the Gospel to people who felt like God had given up on them was well received, so much so, that the amount of growth challenged the young church’s infrastructure and fi nances.

“We were reaching people coming out of addiction and incarceration — many of them first-generation Christians unaccustomed to tithing and giving,” says Roberts. “But we didn’t want people to feel like they had to pay to be a part of church.”

In early 2014, this unique challenge prompted core leaders, who all worked full-time outside of ministry, to start thinking entrepreneurially about a sustainable, generationally motivated model for church.

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