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Church Design: Excellence Not Extravagance in Flooring

Despite obstacles in the aftermath of hurricane Matthew, a North Carolina church incorporates a beautiful renovation.

Jeremy Mika  ·  April 17, 2018

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God’s Hand of Protection at Work

In the aftermath of the hurricane Crossroads was left with 14 inches of standing water throughout its foyer, auditorium and children’s rooms. To make matters worse, the entire town was put on lockdown. Betts and his team worked the phones and social media channels spreading the news about the flood and getting help. The church came together on Sunday, the day after the flooding and helped clear everything out of the building and move it outside to dry. By Wednesday that had secured a nearby building to use for temporary storage.

“God’s hand of protection was with us through the whole ordeal. We were given use of an empty building which we now lease for our offices, and even though this is not a flood zone we were covered by flood insurance and a lot of our equipment was able to be replaced because of it,” Betts said.

That hand of protection continued to be evident in the weeks to follow. The sanitation department removed all of our debris from the storm at no charge. The principal of South Johnston High School gave the church full use of the school auditorium, classrooms, projectors and free storage space to store equipment during renovation, and that was just the beginning.

“We went from a permanent church to a portable church in a week,” he said. “The school let us put up large banners in front of the school and the community really got behind us.”
Betts says that use of the auditorium alone normally costs $100 per hour, but for their six weeks of use Crossroads was never charged a dime.

“We actually grew as a church during our time at the high school. Our church family took on more ownership because of the circumstances and our numbers increased as well. We even baptized someone on the auditorium stage that last week we were there.”

Part 2: Renovation Brings Warmth and Contemporary Design

As for the renovation taking place while the church met in the school, Betts and his team did a majority of the work in house, but they sought out the creativity of Designer Lisa Masteller to get the most out of the renovation. Betts said that he and his team had to cut most walls up to 30 inches from the floor to remove damage, then had to have mold remediation performed. From there, Masteller was instrumental in choosing floor types and colors, wall colors and designs and general design themes.

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Jeremy Mika
Jeremy Mika graduated from Franklin College with a degree in journalism. He has written for the Indianapolis Star and designed publications for Vineyard Church.
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The hurricane caused by far the most change for us, but the church family and community came together like you wouldn’t believe to help us .
very well..!


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