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Church Design: Building a Relationship With Your Commercial Roofing Contractor

Your church facility roof is an important component in the protection of the people, investments and things you care about most.

WFM Staff  ·  May 18, 2017

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Trust –

Having trust in your roofing contractor is especially important when allowing them full access to your building.

Choose your contractor wisely and be sure to check their references and reputation when doing so. Once you have decided, spend face time working with and getting to know them. 

Reliable Service –

Depending on your roofing contractor to protect your business is fundamental in building a successful partnership, especially in the event of an emergency. The better relationship you develop, the more you can expect timely, cost-effective, honest service.

Tyler Fleming is Managing Director of Business Development with Cram Roofing, a commercial roofing contractor based in San Antonio.  More information is available at


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