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Church Construction: Contemporary Meets Gothic Architecture

A fresh approach in design succeeds in expanding this timeless church ministry with modern elements and a more welcoming contemporary feel.

Cathy Hutchison  ·  December 29, 2017

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The large stained glass windows scheduled for the Chapel have taken almost three years to create. The creatively traditional design is much closer to the style of modern graphic novels than to stiff Victorian and are being crafted in Canterbury, England using the same methodology employed in the 13th century.  Handblown glass is flattened by artisans as it cools giving the glass beautiful imperfections in texture and color that cannot be replicated with machine fabrication.

“These windows actually revived an industry,” shares Bishop Burton. “There is a lot of buzz about it in the glass-making world.”

The first window will be installed in March 2017 with others to follow over time.


“Our church feels very called to reach the teens in the neighborhood. There is a high school across the street with a large population of at-risk kids. There are around 170 homeless kids showing up for school. We wanted to build something for them,” says Bishop Burton.

The teen center is strategically located so that no one has to do a ‘walk of shame’ where friends can see that they are making use of the services. “Homeless kids don’t want people to know that they are homeless,” observes Bishop Burton. “We purchased an office building and renovated the first floor as the teen center with administrative offices for this ministry and other outreach ministries located on the second floor. Our hope for the homeless teen center is that they would outgrow the current buildings.”


“When you start an endeavor like this you are braced for a natural skepticism,” confides Bishop Burton. “There was none of that here. I think it was a combination of obvious need and the wonderful Dallas ‘go-ahead’ business culture. People like to make things happen. It was a lot of fun beginning to end.”


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