Skye Jethani - Church as Destination or Vehicle for Experiencing God, Part 2

Are Traditional Church Ministry Efforts Contributing to the Decline in Millennials? Part 2 of 2

WFM Staff  ·  January 2, 2014

The evidence is mounting; young adults are leaving the church and the United States is quickly becoming a post-Christian culture. What’s behind these changes and how should the American church respond?

These videos will alter how you look at your church.

Skye Jethani, outlines a compelling explanation of how methods and approaches that contributed to dramatic growth in churches may have run its course and may even be contributing to the decline in connection to the church for younger people.  Skye addresses this trend with data and keen observations and outlines honestly that correcting this trend will require more than retooling church programs or adjusting outreach styles.   To reach those disenfranchised and skeptical, we must reexamine the way we relate to God and the world.

You can view part 1 of this video here.


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