Can A Small Church Be A Great Church?

Why is it that large congregations seem to garner the majority of attention and accolades? Are small churches any less valuable to the Kingdom's efforts?

Gary Zandstra  ·  April 20, 2017

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Our culture often gets caught up in the bigger the better and that numbers are the most important thing. 

We think that more $$, bigger houses and faster cars are the ultimate yardstick. 

In a lot of cases pursuing those things ends up causing pain by breaking up families, bankrupting people who risk to much to achieve that status, and by causing despair in people when they either reach their goals and find them empty - or see those things as out of reach and fall into depression.

So then smaller is better right? 

Well one can be lazy, have no purpose, squander what resources they have and be just as miserable as those who have the $$, bigger house and faster car.

As churches do we fall into this same trap? 

Do we view the big churches as more successful? More important?  Are small churches considered not as good or as important?

I contend that all churches are important and can be great - big or small.  It really boils down to the heart of the church and living out the mission that God has called them to fulfill.

So how can a small church be a great church?

1. Live out the mission that God has called you as a church to fulfill.
Just as God has a unique calling and role for individuals, He has one for each church.  Discover that calling, focus on it like a laser beam and live it out.

2. Do not try to look and act like a mega church. 
That is not what people expect from a small church. 

If that is what some people in your church is looking for they probably are not going to last long because they are not part of the DNA of your church.

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