Can A Small Church Be A Great Church?

Why is it that large congregations seem to garner the majority of attention and accolades? Are small churches any less valuable to the Kingdom's efforts?

Gary Zandstra  ·  April 20, 2017

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3. Become Great at who you are! 
If local outreach is in your DNA become great at it. Set up a daycare for the single moms, run a fantastic food pantry, have people in your congregation be present in the community. Be true to your calling and make the largest impact that you can!

4. Refuse to settle for anything less than Great. 
Just because you don’t have a big budget or huge numbers does not hold you back from being great.  You may have to be creative, put in some blood, sweat and tears but your church can be great!  Stop making excuses, dig in and be great!

5. Keep at it! 
Being great is not a single one-time event.  The church is an institution and people expect it to be around for the long haul. They may enjoy a onetime super cool event, but without follow-up and consistency you will become a one hit wonder and not a great legend.

For a small church to be great, it’s really pretty simple. 

Discover who God has called you to be as a church, become great at it and then keep it up.

Do the simple stuff, keep the place clean not cluttered. Strip the 80’s wall paper and splash on a fresh coat of paint.  Make sure that the worship team and pastor are well prepared on a Sunday morning, do the work!  Put your main effort into people not programs.  Focus on friendliness not just facilitates.  Always give people the space and time to meet Jesus when in your church’s care.

Go Be Great!


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