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6 Proven Strategies To Increase Donations with Church Giving Kiosks

Giving kiosks, or portable card readers, allow churches (and other organizations) to collect gifts onsite and during events.

Ryder Kessler  ·  August 28, 2017

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For churches, tithing is the number one way to raise money, but passing the plate around during sermons isn’t always the most efficient way to collect tithes. Some congregants don’t always carrying cash or checks anymore, and your church could be missing out on these gifts.

To accommodate your entire congregation, you need to implement additional methods such as giving kiosks. That way, your church can also accept gifts made with a credit card.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this device, giving kiosks are portable card readers that allow churches (and other organizations!) to collect gifts onsite and during events.

If your church is interested in adding giving kiosks to your tithing tool box, we’ve got six proven strategies to help you raise more with your device:

  1. Brand your giving kiosk.
  2. Simplify the tithing process.
  3. Determine the ideal giving amount.
  4. Place your giving kiosk in a highly visible location.
  5. Pick a kiosk that makes the giving experience unique.
  6. Promote your kiosk to congregants.

With these six tips, you’ll be able to optimize your kiosk and encourage your congregants to use your device. Ready to learn more? Let’s jump right into the first tip!


1. Brand Your Giving Kiosk

It’s unanimous that fundraising experts will harp on the importance of branding. Branding helps your church maintain a consistent appearance—whether that’s online or in person.

Moreover, branding will make it easy for congregants to spot your kiosk no matter where it’s placed, which will help establish trust. When your congregants are confident that they’re giving to your church, they’re more likely to give and give again in the future.

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Ryder Kessler
Ryder Kessler dropped out of an English Literature PhD program to found DipJar, which enables cashless generosity via a hardware, software, and payments platform for joyful, friction-free donations.
Contact Ryder Kessler: ryder.kessler@dipjar.com ·  View More by Ryder Kessler

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