5 Critical Paradigms if a Church Wants Their Community to Listen

The Bible clearly says “go and tell”. But what if the community isn’t listening?

Mark MacDonald  ·  September 12, 2017

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4. Talk about your solutions and benefits.

(Here’s the secret) Want your message to be heard? Do the research to understand what the pains, problems, concerns and goals are in your community. If someone is hungry and you talk about hunger and feeding, they’ll listen. Talk about their concerns and you’ll get their attention every time. Create headlines that mention the concern or the solution. Get them to say “I didn’t realize I needed a church to help me with that!”. Then, once you get their attention, love them. And part of love is gently guiding them to Jesus (without this step, you’re simply a service organization — and we’re called to be ministers!)

5. Don’t create a separate website for outsiders.

When the community starts to listen, they’ll go to your website. What we know: they want to see what you’re all about. They want your benefit and solution to be intertwined through every page; not just promoted on a separate page or stand-alone website (or microsite). Use your entire website to demonstrate what you’re all about. Let them see true Christian community and fellowship. Then, they’ll not only listen, they want to attend.

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Mark MacDonald
Is a Bible Teacher, speaker, best-selling author of Be Known For Something, and communication strategist for and the 3000+ churches of the Florida Baptist Convention. He empowers churches to become known for something relevant (a communication thread) throughout their ministries, websites, and social media. His book is available at and
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