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Chase Oaks Church - Sloan Creek Campus in Fairview, Texas

Today's church design is about multi-tasking. It's this multi-purpose nature of many buildings that continues to influence the way our facilities are being built.

Alison Istnick  ·  December 5, 2016

Today’s church design is about multi-tasking. It’s this multi-purpose nature of many buildings that continues to influence the way our facilities are being built.. Large, open looking churches are the result of this design trend. It’s this type of design that offers the most multi-purpose space.

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With a desire to use common space to its fullest capacity, church ministries are creating incredibly spacious foyers that can accommodate multiple functions. Between services a common area can serve large numbers of people who, for example, want to gather together for fellowship between services. And, in many cases these areas have become the church’s main hub from which common destinations and check-in areas can be easily found.

Today’s lobbies typically include built-in welcome desks staffed by friendly volunteers who help to greet and assist church-goers. This centralized area can also serve as a place where people can learn about the various events and church ministries. While functional design dominates these often high ceiling, voluminous rooms, thoughtful accents and design elements can add amazing warmth and dimension.. Interior details such as informal furniture groupings encourage relationship building. this flexible seating also means a simple re-arrangement can open the space to host meetings and other events.


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