New Product Awards 2017 - Video: Theatrixx xVision Fiber to SDI Converter series

The xVision® Fiber to SDI video converter series feature either a SDI and reclocked loop-thru or dual reclocked SDI outputs, and support resolutions up to 1080p60 (3G-SDI).

Theatrixx has extended its line of professional xVision® video converters with the release of the TX and the RX, which offer optical fiber connectivity. 

The new units feature robust enclosures with protected connectors and built-in power supplies, as do all products across the range. They feature either an SDI and reclocked loop-thru or dual reclocked SDI outputs. They support resolutions up to 1080p60 (3G-SDI) and are fully compatible with existing video SFP-based fiber transmitters ans receivers. They are of modular design and can be ordered in single-mode or multi-mode versions, as well as with a choice of fiber connectors, including Neutrik® OpticalCON Duo or Quad and ST.

More connectors are also available upon request. The robust chassis houses an internal power supply with a locking PowerCON connector and features a convenience AC outlet to power a nearby monitor or projector. AV professionals can finally do away with power strips and flimsy DC adaptors. 

Optical fiber technology enables SDI video signals to reach greater distances than any other currently available medium. With many houses of worship rivaling the largest concert venues with extensive productions of presentations, services and evening concert celebrations, such technology becomes attractive to connect devices located more than 300 feet apart during live broadcasts and performances. 

Featuring ease of use, multiple mounting options - such as the included nylon strap or an optional C-Clamp - automatic signal detection and a unique magnetic stacking system, this new pair of xVision Converters offers an unparalleled optical fiber connectivity solution for video professionals and a sound investment into optical technology. xVision Converters deliver the absolute reliability needed when delivering your message to your community and the world. They are your strongest link when failure is not an option.

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