New Product Awards 2017 - Media and Communications: Matrox Monarch LCS

Matrox Monarch LCS is an easy-to-use content capture appliance built for those who need to record and/or stream live presentations. With powerful frame-synchronization, scaling, deinterlacing, and noise-reduction engines, Monarch LCS ensures the highest quality video.

Churches are continually seeking ways to reach new members and stay connected with their current congregation. Not everyone is capable of attending weekly services, including the elderly, the disabled, those who have relocated to another town, or those with conflicting schedules. By using technology to stream and record services, congregations can broaden their reach to include all members anywhere
through an online experience similar to those worshipping in person. Any church taking steps to provide their content online should review some key considerations including ease of use, affordability, and features that allow for high-end production value that will help them gain maximum exposure.

Required hardware for streaming worship services

The typical church streaming video setup starts with two elements: a camera to follow and highlight important elements of a service such as the pastor or choir and a computer feed to showcase complementary lyrics, verses, and/or visuals. In this case, where two inputs are crucial, a dual-channel streaming and recording appliance is required. With a dedicated HDMI input, and a second, selectable HDMI/SDI input, the standalone Matrox Monarch LCS encoder is the easiest way to capture both video signals, no matter the source.

Since computers and cameras deliver video at different frame rates and resolutions, it is important to ensure both streams are in sync. Monarch LCS critically synchronizes these feeds before they are encoded, for perfectly timed, uninterrupted video.

Create immersive webcasting experiences

The Monarch LCS appliance supports the encoding of two video signals, with the option to combine content from both inputs into a single picture-in-picture or side-by-side production. Ideal for webcasting, this allows online viewers to both watch the officiant carry out the services, while still following corresponding passages or hymn lyrics during the service. Monarch LCS provides those who are unable to attend services in person with a seamless virtual alternative accessible from any network device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Webcasting to any destination, Monarch LCS can send sermons to members via a number of different platforms. Delivering live streams to a wide range of cloud-based content delivery networks, such as, or even live streaming to Facebook Live or YouTube ensures the church is truly reaching a worldwide audience.

Stream and record worship services

In addition to streaming, Monarch LCS enables churches to simultaneously record high-quality versions of their services for archival purposes. Recorded sermons can be saved to local USB devices or SD cards, or sent to network-mapped drives. Content can then be edited as desired, archived for posterity's sake, or uploaded to the church's portal or Facebook or YouTube channel as on-demand video.

Control operations with ease

Monarch LCS is so simple to use, anyone can learn to operate the preconfigured unit within a moment via on-device push buttons. Streaming and recording presets are also available through the intuitive Monarch LCS Command Center web user interface.  The all-in-one appliance requires absolutely no A/V experience and can be easily managed by a parishioner or a volunteer.

A reality for every church stream and record worship services

The Matrox Monarch LCS encoder adds tremendous value for churches of all sizes. Members will appreciate being able to follow text alongside a video feed of the sermon for an in-depth worship experience. Webcasting services ensures that all members of the church community can still join in fellowship every week. Recording provides a higher quality video for on-demand, allowing for ongoing review and reflection.

Priced at only $2,495, Monarch LCS offers high-quality streaming and production capabilities so any church can reach new audiences, and stay connected with current members a reality.

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