New Product Awards 2017 - Media and Communications: Living As One Multisite Platform

The Multisite Platform is a turnkey streaming solution designed from the ground up to deliver video to remote locations with unprecedented reliability and quality.

Market Impact:  Our product is regarded as the first multisite delivery platform over the internet.

Before Living As One, to get the level of broadcast quality and resiliency required for a room full of people, churches either had to pay for dedicated connections between campuses or a satellite infrastructure, resulting in a very expensive barrier to entry for reliable streaming.

Living As One invented a new patented method of streaming, that allows churches to now stream over the internet reliable at the same quality as satellite or dedicated connections, for a fraction of the cost.

From releasing our product, we have doubled every other month, serving more than 100 churches and 400 remote sites in just a few months. 

Now, churches of all sizes can stream to their multisite streaming, and we have effectively removed the technology barrier, learning curve, and cost barrier to multisite streaming.

We began our company after experiencing the same issues in our own church, and never intended to create a business, but more and more churches kept asking us about it so we spent time making it scalable and released it to the whole of God's church.

We are saving each church at minimum betwen $10,000 to $50,000, and for larger churches like Flatirons, NewSpring, and Seacoast, we are saving hundreds of thousands. 

Product Description:

The Multisite Platform is a turnkey streaming solution designed from the ground up to deliver video to remote locations with unprecedented reliability and quality. The complete offering includes Multisite Encoders for realtime video capture, LAN and Cloud distribution for scalable delivery, Multisite Decoders for live/DVR playback, and weekend support. 

Main Difference Between our Platform:  Multisite Encoders and Decoders ensure zero content loss throughout the entire transmission path, even in the case of a complete internet outage. This means that leveraging the benefits of a public internet connection to reliably distribute video is now possible.

When playing back video, all content comes from a local solid state hard drive which can buffer up to 60 minutes of live video in advance. This means that remote playback sites see exactly what has been encoded no blackouts, no buffering, no jitter. It is also the only complete solution which can stream two synchronized 1080p videos at full resolution. All of this, designed in a way that is simple for volunteers to operate and easy for technical directors to manage. Patent # 9602846  

Mission:  Everything we do, from committing to excellence in business practices, to providing reasonable prices and excellent support, reflects our passion to advance the kingdom of God. Our mission is to unite the worlds church through technology. An example of this, any of our customers can stream to each other for free. The Global Leadership Summit took advantage of this by streaming to our customers which they had an existing agreement with, for no cost. 

Quotes and Customers:


We thought it would be a good idea to tell you what our customers say about us, as that's the only way we've grown. We don't do very much marketing. Our customers have really amazed us, written articles about us that we didn't know about, told all their friends, and helped us do ministry. Feel welcomed to ask us for any more or any of those articles, et cetera.  Our product has been compared to the same revolution that Planning Center software was a few years ago, countless times. If you need any more proof, please ask us and we will send you hundreds of quotes and stories from customers, dealers, pastors, and industry professionals.

“Multisite Platform is the new technology of the year for how much it improves church streaming” - Jason Lee, Northwoods Church Online Pastor and Co-Founder of the Church IT Network (CITN)

"It just works! The user interface is simple for our volunteers, and the quality streaming across the public internet to our remote campuses is great. Having two perfectly synchronized videos, each at full 1920×1080 resolution, is a huge improvement over our previous system. Everyone needs to know about this!" - Caleb Loeppky, Technical Director The Chapel

"Living As One is a revolution for multisite streaming churches." - Dave Brookout, Pastor of Creative Arts, NewHope Church

"I remember being a campus pastor sitting in the front row, and all of sudden, the screen is frozen.. As a campus pastor, you freeze. It's a terrible, terrible feeling.. It sends a lull over the whole congregation. I'm happy to say we brought in Living As One in all 13 locations, and it is absolutely amazing the difference.. We aren't stressing over the satellite locations anymore for video production.." - Sam Lesky, Executive Pastor of Campus Operations, Seacoast Church

"I unplugged our previous system and plugged Living As One in, and it just worked!! We had been using something else for a year and had lots of trouble with itit was something each weekso my team loves Living As One, where we just sit there and watch it work! Happy to get to have confidence in a streaming solution for our campus! I'm thankful to the Living As One team to put a product like this together that works so easily so we can continue communicate the Gospel even more easily and broadly each week!" - Lee Nordine, Director of AV Technology, Grace Fellowship Church

“Finally an answer to our problems” - Kris Dunlop, Trader’s Point

“I’ve had a long wishlist of things we’ve been looking for in a streaming platform, the Multisite Platform just about has every one of them.” - Nate Krause Co-Founder, Amplio Systems

"You can't invite new people into into an environment where live video pauses and expect them to be impressed. We immediately saw the benefits of Living As One, no buffering, so that campus is even starting to grow and moving to a site where they can double in size." - Scott Cramer, Multisite Director, Northwoods Community Church 

Thank you to all the judges and readers! We appreciate your time greatly.

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