New Product Awards 2017 - Lighting: Mod Scenes Aggro Crag

The Aggro Crag is a modular and dimensional panel that creates stunning backdrops. This panel's unique equilateral shape and precision cuts make it a phenomenal solution that scales to fit your room.

The Aggro Crag panel is a creative and dimensional scenic panel designed to drastically enhance spaces.  This panel’s unique equilateral shape and precision cuts make it a phenomenal solution for most contemporary churches.  The modular design of these panels makes them easy to scale from a small room, to a large arena.  These beautiful panels are also incredibly easy to assemble.  There are no tools needed, no custom supports, and minimal skill to create a stunning backdrop.  These panels ship flat, creating an easy and cost effective way to transport them as well. This ship flat design also makes the product very easy to store once it is no longer in use.  The CNC cut panels are notably precise, providing a consistent shape panel to panel.  This uncommon consistency, makes true projection mapping an easy task using this product.  These panels are made in the U.S. from fire-rated coroplast ensuring the safest stage design possible. 

More importantly than the build of these panels, is the visual landscape it provides.  Skilled and unskilled church designers alike can create memorable atmospheres that connect with their congregation using this adaptable product.  The Aggro Crag panels provide a projection mapable surface that has nearly limitless possibilities.  The depth and dimension of the panels can create entirely different textures that are deeply accentuated by the projection and lighting that interacts with it.  Additionally, this great scenic product shines with even minimal lighting.  The dimensional nature of the panel creates incredible shadows that lend amazingly to creation of drastic looks that can communicate emotion and atmosphere. 

The product easily builds with a volunteer team and minimal training, creating a great point of connection and team building within technical teams.  The Aggro Crag panel is a phenomenal off-the-shelf solution that can economically create a set that rivals many custom scenic designs. 

This incredible product paired with Mod Scenes’ heart to serve the church with flexible, economical, and quick turn-around scenic solutions, makes it an incredible asset to the churches we lovingly serve.

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