New Product Awards 2017 - Lighting: Absen Acclaim 2.5 Fixed Indoor LED

Absen's Acclaim 2.5 Fixed Indoor LED offers not only a bezel-free solution, but comes in a 27.5-inch panel size enabling installers to create a 55-inch diagonal area.

Absen's Acclaim Fixed Indoor LED Series brings together the best of LCD and LED by providing the benefits from both worlds.  Available in 1.5mm, 1.9mm, 2.5mm and 3.8mm pixel-pitch configurations, the Acclaim Series provides the perfect indoor direct-view LED solution for today's markets including retail, corporate, transportation and house of worship.

The Acclaim 2.5 Fixed Indoor LED is a perfect fit for today's house of worship market as it offers not only a bezel-free solution, but comes in a 27.5-inch" panel size that enables installers to create a 55-inch diagonal area that will work with any standard LCD VESA mount. The size allows the end user to work in a standard 16:9 aspect ratio and create pixel to pixel HD and 4K solutions. While just as simple to install and run as an LCD video wall, the Acclaim Series brings a complete focus to the screen without the distraction of gaps seen on LCD walls, allowing it to deliver clear and unbroken imagery.

And what an outstanding image that is, with a higher brightness and contrast than traditional LCD monitors, the screen and its message look gorgeous. The 3840Hz refresh rate ensures the screen looks perfect on camera and for broadcast, while its CrystalView Technology offers amazing grayscale providing clear textures often hidden or lost in shadows on inferior displays. With such a vivid image, the Acclaim is the perfect canvas for vibrant content that best conveys the house of worship's message. 

Installation of the Acclaim 2.5mm is extremely fast and easy whether it be mounted to a wall, hung on truss or using a ground stacking system. It can be installed from the front or rear and is VESA compatible. The Acclaim can be ordered with an Easy Mount Kit that has a thickness of less than 4 inches making it 100 percent ADA compliant. With built in leveling latches the screen is easy to install uniform and flat.  Acclaim 2.5mm can be customized with the CreativeDesign Kit that enables more creative flexibility by allowing up to 90 degree convex or concave curves. 

Acclaim is built to last with a LED lifetime of 100,000 operating hours. It is also built for easy serviceability and repair. Each module is interchangeable left to right and modules are held to the panels by four corner magnets making front serviceability extreme quick and easy. To prevent potential bending or twerking of each panel, the mounting frame features SlideTrack Technology that ensures panel placement and removal is guided in a straight-forward movement, not only making panel replacement fast but also limiting damage upon field service.

The Acclaim Series will provide today's house of worship market with a high-quality, yet budget friendly alternative to LCD, opening a new world of creative and inspirational possibilities.

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