Giving of Life

Giving of Life

Innovative funding initiative offers 50K, 20K and 10K grants to ministries

Two dynamic ministry organizations have joined forces to launch Giving of Life, a unique web-based initiative for ministries to apply for financial grants. Dan Maclellan and Russell Courtney, founders of The SoulCare Project, and Kerry Bural, principal and founder of The Resonate Group, are working together to see vital Christian ministries receive a financial and promotional boost.

The SoulCare Project offers retreat and a source of support for leaders—whether in ministry, the marketplace or at home—to step out of the “white noise” and find an intentional place for rest and solitude with Christ. The Resonate Group, Inc., helps ministries, churches and leaders resonate, gain momentum and enlarge their footprint through strategic and creative thinking, branding and communications.

At, ministries with an annual budget of $4 million or less can apply for a financial grant through a simple online process. As described by Maclellan, “Giving of Life is different from the traditional grant process and also captures the reach and power of social media to allow smaller, but vital ministries to share their story with a larger audience than they would otherwise ever be able to access.”

Ministries apply online and then are viewed and ultimately voted on by site visitors. The “Top 10” finalists will then be reviewed by the Giving of Life grant committee, and based upon a number of factors, the top 3 winners will be chosen Dec. 16 to receive a financial grant of $50,000; $20,000 or $10,000.

“I love the counter-intuitive spirit of the Giving of Life initiative,” Bural said. “We want to give more life to ‘life-givers.’ Our primary goal is to serve ministries well and enhance their visibility. I only wish we could give away billions.”

“The ministries participating in Giving of Life are literally a lifeline for millions of people around the world, providing hope and standing in the gap for the world’s needs,” Maclellan said. “We desire to be a resource for organizations like this.”

In the four short weeks since its launch, over 200 ministries have applied and over 25,000 unique visitors have come to Even if a ministry isn’t selected to receive a grant, participation will create free exposure and promotion through social media outlets, as well as the potential for new partnerships and networking opportunities. It costs nothing, it’s easy to do and it’s hassle-free. Ministries simply need to apply and then invite their network of friends and supporters to participate.

To learn more about Giving of Life and the featured ministries, apply for a grant or vote for your favorite, go to Donors are also welcome to join in this effort and should contact Giving of Life if interested. Also, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

To request an interview with the Giving of Life founders or for more information, please contact Jill Waggoner at 615-330-6821 or [email protected]

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