8 Top Notch Church Install Projects

Over the span of the last eight months, these eight install projects stand as the most impressive on Worship Tech Director.

In the span of the last few months, Worship Tech Director has featured a wide variety of different install or renovation projects at various churches throughout the United States, and also in Canada. Beginning in December, the website began running features on recent projects that had been completed, and of the 29 projects, we are highlighting this group of eight as those that stand out the most for the extent of work and the solid results on each project.

Beginning with Victory Church in Alberta, that project noted in January was exemplary for the conversion of a former school gym into a sanctuary. The speaker system installed into the space included various d&b audiotechnik speakers, featuring Yi8 and Yi12 line array speakers and Yi subwoofers, along with D12 amplifiers.

1. Victory Church

Two months later, a project in Richmond Hill, Ga., was noteworthy in that equipment that was incorporated into the space at St. Anne Catholic Church was to have the installed speakers hidden from view. Using ceiling panels to mask their existence mounted behind the panels, a series of d&b audiotechnik Yi7p, Yi8 and Yi12 speakers speakers were part of the install. Despite that lofty goal, the end result was one where the bishop was completely impressed and surprised by the level of clarity that the new system provided in the space.

2. St. Anne Catholic Church

In April, the project of note involved Woodside Bible Church in Lake Orion, Mich. The church had recently moved into its new space, which had previously been a retail store. Among the highlights in the new sanctuary was the install of Renkus-Heinz VARIA arrays. While the church has 12 campuses, this was the first the church opted to install Renkus-Heinz speakers. Each array comprises of a pair of VAX101i-15/12 units and another pair of VAX101i-22/12 boxes.

3. Woodside Bible Church

By May, the first notable project featuring a piece of video equipment installed was the Bethel World Outreach Church in Nashville. The church had a video wall previously, but it was 12-feet by 7-feet, and significantly grew the wall with their decision to upgrade to a 27-foot by 11-foot wall by PixelFLEX, comprised of 6.9mm LED video tiles. With the church’s pastor learning about the line at the WFX conference last year in Nashville, it offered a good basis to move forward with the decision to make that significant upgrade to the church’s worship space.

4. Bethel World Outreach Church

In June, a standout project that month was recently completed in Fontana, Calif., at the Water of Life Community Church. Unlike a number of projects where one aspect of the project particularly stands out, in the case of Water of Life, the expansive project had a number of significant improvements as part of the renovation. That included the installation and construction of 216 5mm CreateLED panels to make up a video wall, the incorporation of four Hitachi Z-HD5000 video cameras, a pair of Midas PRO6 consoles and a PRO2 console, and a L-Acoustics speaker system, including eight L-Acoustics SB18i subwoofers, four SB28 subwoofers, 18 L-Acoustics KARAi 2-way enclosures and (8) L-Acoustics 8XT 2-way enclosures.

5. Water of Life Community Church

Another project from June to highlight was completed following the devastation of a tornado that hit a church in Columbia, Miss. About 10 years earlier, Woodlawn Church had a Meyer Sound M'elodie speaker system installed, but after the tornado tore off the roof of the church earlier this year, the speaker system was a total loss. The decision was to stick with Meyer, most notably installing a Leopard system, comprised of a dozen compact line array speakers. Other Meyer Sound speakers installed in the space were a pair of UPA-2P compact narrow coverage speakers, while the balcony included a pair of Mina compact line array speakers and nine UP-4XP ultracompact speakers.

6. Woodlawn Church

Then last month, the notable project was one completed in Camp Hill, Pa., where Christian Life Assembly had suffered a power surge, forcing them to suddenly replace their digital mixer. The new addition for the church was the Allen & Heath dLive, while at the same time upgrading the church’s personal monitor system from an Aviom system to the Allen & Heath ME1. 

7. Christian Life Assembly

And during this month, the most notable project has been the Perimeter Church install, which stands out for the install of a trio of LED wall units at the front of the worship space, a pair of NanoLumens NanoSlim 2.5mm pixel pitch side screens, paired with a 6mm center screen. The center screen was a significant change for the church, especially since the center LED wall is a 40-foot by 22-foot wall, made up of a total of 480 panels. The side screens were introduced first, during Palm Sunday services (mid-March), with the center screen incorporated about three weeks later.

8. Perimeter Church

If you think a certain church AVL install project that has been covered by Worship Tech Director should have made the cut here, we’d love to know. And if there has been a certain recent AVL church project that we have not covered, but you think is worthy of being highlighted, it would be great to hear from you.

Andres Caamano
Site Editor
Worship Tech Director
[email protected]

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