Yellow Box Church

How a church renovation is helping ONE Chicago-area church reach deeper Into Its community—and beyond. WFX REACH Chicago will be held on May 28-29 at Community Christian Church-Yellow Box.
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Teaching Old Church Buildings New Tricks

From the book, The More with Less Church. Excerpt three: If you don’t want your single-use building to become a barrier to reaching new people, you can teach your old church building new tricks.

Tech Gear: Are You Purchasing Problems or Solutions?

In general, churches try really hard not to spend money. Which isn’t a bad thing. But part of this strive for frugalness can actually cause you more issues.

Seating Configuration and the Worship Experience

Whether it’s pews, theater seating, in-the-round, or removable, seating style sets the tone for your services.

All Ministry Is Local

Churches are able to expand their community simply by multisiting.

Getting the Biggest Change in Sound Quality for the Smallest Investment

An industry expert and long-time church audio tech gives sound advice when looking to upgrade your essential system components.

7 Steps to Reach More People with Less Money

Discover the building blocks of an effective digital strategy for your church.

Danley DBH-218 Sub Rocks the New Student Building at Dogwood Church

Exceptional low-end bass delivers for Dogwood's new youth facility.

Listen Technologies Assistive Listening Products Chosen for First Presbyterian Church

The church’s floor plan of approximately 65 feet by 100 feet posed a challenge to providing comprehensive and consistent coverage for an assistive listening system.

Sacramento’s Life Center at East Valley Church Relies on Powersoft X Series

The Life Center at East Valley Church, located in Orangevale, CA just outside Sacramento, hosts two services each Sunday, serving a Christian congregation of roughly 1,000 members.
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ROI, Return on Inspiration

Exclusive new research illuminates the Digital Church call for every community of faith.

How to Build a Communications and Content Team

To learn practical tips and ideas in the area of creativity, strategy and service.

Using Local Media Like Yelp and Facebook Advertising

WFX Conference Session Video: Social media provides unique opportunities to connect with people in specific geographic areas and should be considered a catch all solution to community outreach.
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